Same Day Teeth

When teeth are hopeless and need to be replaced with dental implants, we are able to provide the patient with                      "Same Day Teeth".

The procedure is called "Immediate Loading of Implants" and it is well documented in the dental literature.

At your first appointment dental extractions and implant placement will be performed at the same time.
Using special techniques and instruments, painful and time consuming bone grafting procedures are avoided in almost all cases.

At the second appointment, within 24 hours you will return to the clinic for the placement of
screw-retained fixed acrylic temporary teeth (as opposed to removable dentures).

At the third appointment, within 7 days, the treatment is completed with the placement of
screw-retained fixed metal-porcelain permanent teeth.
In most cases treatment is completed in 3 visits.

In all cases, implant placement is designed thoroughly in order to be able to construct teeth that can be screwed on the implants and not to be cemented. By doing so, the dentist has the ability to take out (unscrew) the teeth if needed (porcelain fracture, inflammation of the gums etc) in the future. Furthermore, the absence of cement contributes to better healing of the gums.


The placement of fixed temporary teeth on top of the implants within the same day is called "immediate implant loading", a procedure well documented in the scientific dental literature with hundreds of publications.
The use of biocompatible materials (titanium and zirconia) contributes to the best fit on the tooth-implant interface, which is one of the most important factors for the long term success of the treatment.
For some cases 4 implants are enough to support all the teeth of the upper or the lower arch. This is called the "all on four" concept and is well documented in the dental literature.
Conventional removable complete denture are never used as temporary prostheses. Only teeth rigidly fixed to the implants are used making treatment very comfortable to the patient.
In almost all cases, patients feel comfortable after implant placement, because atraumatic surgical techniques are used and complicated grafting procedures are avoided. 
Hopeless tooth with inadequate root canal treatment was extracted and replaced with a dental implant. A temporary tooth was provided immediately after implant placement, and the final restoration 4 days later.
Front tooth lost after an accident. The final zirconia-porcelain tooth screwed rigidly 2 days after implant placement.
Implant placement is designed in such a way so that the teeth will be screwed on the implants (as opposed to be cemented), giving the opportunity to the dentist to take out the teeth easily if needed.
All upper teeth have been extracted due to periodontal reasons and implants placed at the same time. The patient was provided with fixed temporary teeth within the same day and the treatment completed within a week.
Implant treatment of the upper teeth completed within 7 days (3 appointments).