Porcelain Onlays

What is a porcelain onlay?
Onlays are small pieces of porcelain which replace parts of the teeth that are missing either due to decay, fracture, or due to the presence of an old restoration. Therefore, porcelain onlays are just fillings made out entirely of porcelain.

What is the main advantage?
Porcelain onlays are stronger and more aesthetic than both the old - fashioned amalgam (“silver”) fillings and the composite (“white”) fillings. Furthermore, the treatment is completed in just two visits.

When porcelain onlays are an ideal solution?
All fillings can be made out of porcelain. However, porcelain onlays are mainly indicated when tooth wear is extensive (“big and deep fillings”). In those cases, the usual treatment involves the root canal treatment of the tooth and the fabrication of a crown. This process contributes to even more wear of the tooth and requires more time consuming and more expensive dental visits, than the “porcelain onlay” treatment approach.


Porcelain onlays are mainly indicated when tooth wear is extensive. The need of root canal treatment and the crown fabrication is therefore eliminated.
Porcelain onlays are more esthetic than the “silver” and the “white” fillings.
The fit of the porcelain onlays is excellent, therefore their life-span in the mouth is long.