Digital xrays

Digital panoramic x-ray is obtained in the practice during the first session making easy the construction of the treatment plan immediately.
Digital radiography requires less exposure time, therefore less radiation. Furthermore, it gives advantages of immediate image preview and availability.
The intraoral camera is an excellent tool, which helps the communication between the doctor and the patient.

Digital Intraoral Scanning

The intraoral scanner replaces the conventional impression taking, which is not very comfortable for the patient (gag reflex etc).

Furthermore, the digital impression is very accurate and can be transferred online to the laboratory technician who will fabricate digitally the dental restoration, ensuring perfect fit, function and esthetics.

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

DSD takes into consideration face and tooth proportions and by including high quality digital pictures and videos constitutes a unique communication tool between the dentist and the patient and between the dentist and the laboratory technician.
More specifically, in esthetic cases, the new, ideal smile is designed digitally in the computer, and when accepted by the patient, we move to the next step of the mock-up.
The mockup is like a test drive; the patient can see and feel the final result even before the start of the actual treatment.
This is very reassuring for the patient who otherwise doesn’t know in advance if he/she is going to like the esthetic outcome of a painful, time-consuming and expensive treatment.