The use of dental implants is the best way to replace missing teeth.
By using the least invasive technique (use of bone grafts only when absolutely necessary), the patient’s overall experience about the treatment is very positive.
Even in cases with severely resorbed jaws where the use of bone grafts would be otherwise indicated, by using special implants (zygomatic implants or angled implants etc) and special techniques (“all on 4” etc), implant placement is possible without bone grafting procedures.

Same Day Teeth

When teeth are hopeless and need to be replaced with dental implants,
we are able to provide the patient with “Same Day Teeth”.
The procedure is called “Immediate Loading of Implants”
and it is well documented in the dental literature.

Digital smile design (DSD)

The “new” smile is designed in advance digitally and then it is
transferred to the patient’s mouth for a test drive (mock-up).
In doing so, the patient can see and feel the final
result even before the start of the actual treatment.

Digital intraoral scanning

The intraoral scan records the teeth and the soft
tissues within seconds with exceptional detail.
The impression procedure is easier and the patient feels more
confortable compared to the conventional one that involves impression materials.